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The 10 big conditions with essential place of table tennis ace
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1 : Allow to spend
Ace is more accurate than low hand, less than low hand error

2: Condition
Ace always can hold better position, and low hand is stand or fall, not stable.

3: The technology is applied
Ace handles the low hand of ball feel well that lays hard, often can hit a few others to think the ball way that does not come out, control white ball is more exquisite than low hand also, strength is applied with what rotate more reasonable also

4: Overall situation view
Overall situation view is inherent, also will make up for the day after tomorrow a few, but the overall situation view of true ace is the endowment that lean, this is the account that a lot of people called long ball to also do not become past master, because you do not have that endowment

5: Tactics is applied
A lot of person won't defend, do not know when to should defend, it is to see the ball was hit occasionally even besides, so, also cannot become past master, true ace knows when to should defend, when should attack. It is had had hit ball he is not hit possibly also, it is more important to because this moment makes a ball,defend. This is about many dozens accumulate experience to just go, the player with so about the same level, the success with much experience opportunity is great.

6: Style
The player of different style, the machine rate of get victory also can differ. Have a plenty of aggression model, have a plenty of defend model, have a plenty of hesitate model, different disposition decided the different style that play a ball game, this also is a condition that decides you can become a past master.

7: State of mind
The match when, the meeting is tense, can develop at ordinary times level, decide the state of mind at a person, the player with so mature state of mind, more reason becomes past master.

8: Luck
When doing not have a law to play a ball game, lean lot, whose lucky, who wins. So, did not have a law to hit occasionally, play a ball game energetically, hahaha, this also is a method, of course, also cannot hit in disorder, at least you should know the ball wants to run where probably, so, ace has ball of reason occurrence luck more than low hand, when be being hit because of them, not be complete do not have idea dozen.

9: Imposing manner
When ace plays a ball game, have a kind of imposing manner, you are mixed he is hit, with respect to discovery you had been defeated, because had been defeated on your imposing manner, your level also did not come out with respect to play, more do not talk to go up surpass horizontal play. And true ace, there can be a kind of imposing manner in any moment, this we say for bully gas. Bully energy of life is had when playing a ball game, it is to decide a to you can become past master most most most the most fundamental condition, this kind of bully gas mirrors in: Error is little, one organic meeting can control a station, without the opportunity meeting innovation gives a chance, others hits the ball that does not advance you can be hit easily into, etc
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