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Advocate eyesight eye - Sighting
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Regard a ball as the hand, the ' that you should figure out above all is you only then advocate eyesight eye - Mastereye' .
Have quite hand of one part ball is to use different key point to make those who give priority to eyesight eye, other people are right partly advocate eyesight, one part is double eye eyesight, for example, johnVirgo of famous profession player is right before advocate eyesight, and JohnParrot of preexistence bound champion is left advocate eyesight. 7 StephenHendry of world champion winner is double eye eyesight, he sets ball staff in the position in the Founder below mandible, an integrity. How to examine your advocate is eyesight eye that? This is very simple. Need to put a tall to overcome pink to be in only of ball stage at the same time, next you stand in across, a hand you points to the Qiao Ke of ahead, at this moment your double eye is being opened, close your different key point, if at this moment your finger still is to point to Qiao Ke, explain you are right eye eyesight, if you discover right now your finger is not to point to Qiao Ke any more, explain you are eyesight of different key point. To decide further, open left eye, close right key point, if your finger does not point to Qiao Ke, that believes firmly undoubted you are right eye eyesight. If you are double eye eyesight, be in when closing an eye, you meet those who discover your finger point to have slight deflection only. This is a very important test.
If you are eyesight of different key point, the left look that when aim at you want to will aim at line and you becomes linear, right eye eyesight is contrary, be like Zun Tu and right graph respectively, becoming you only is double eye eyesight, of double eye of park of lever of ability general ball in the middle of, be like next face different pictures. This is very clear, fall in this kind of circumstance only, you just can be aimed at correctly. The line of sight and the way that give staff are consistent. You had known those who use that eye to you are main now, the everybody when playing a ball game usually can't well notice these, should be for you when drive of the target ball of gaze at distance strike an aspect and not be advocate ball, this error did not arrive apparently enough the attention that causes you.
When hitting Sinuoke, a black ball of 8 minutes of 3 angle enters our stroke bag and should swing open one caboodle red ball, you take aim very definitely, but in your drive flashy, the Na Duigong ball that you should swing open the tend with the not can self-conscious attention of your eye, black ball is in often won't enter at this moment bag. Why can produce such thing, why meeting error, ball hand people often meet self-condemned did not take aim good, actually the fault is absent you, it is you only at this moment the circumstance that attention centered mother ball to will happen, at this moment what we speak of before advocate the problem of eyesight eye appeared. When seeing the end to vicinity, this kind of effect is very apparent, right way is, you cannot forget to lock up calm target ball from beginning to end certainly when drive.
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