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Drive takes the memorial memory of bag
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Even if our memory is very exceeding good, we or apt are forgotten, we are people. Have a thing you cannot forget, you are hit impossibly into all balls that you encounter.
We hit some balls lost, we must clear up a reason. If hit,those who lose is straight ball, that affirmation is to give lever to have a problem, because be below this kind of circumstance,you do not need to go estimation angle. So, be below the case that there is point of view?
Below the case of a kind of extreme, ball of fixed position head and target ball, center of ball of our stroke mother, do not increase a bit a place of strategic importance, take aim to secure angle to a of target ball, the thickness degree that target ball is bumped won't have difference, below this kind of circumstance, the direction that target ball place goes to is stability is exclusive. Adjust this angle, be hit into till target ball, we can build this to plant the drive that fixed position relation plays a ball target ball takes aim law, different person can go what the choice differs nod or consulting angle, most person is to establish a kind of sense, much exercise makes this kind of feeling arrives from faintness clear, form stable reflex.
Everybody ever may have encountered this kind of situation, some is planted the ball of angle often is hit thick or dozen thin, when practicing this kind of ball repeatedly, you can discover, of this kind of ball lay point of view should appreciably is made a few adjust, in other words, below certain circumstance, to certain angle the mankind can have visual deviation, below this kind of case, should the angle of stroke and the angle that you judge have a difference. We often should analyse the ball that these easy deflection secure direction, discover this kind of error, amend below corresponding case.
Did not compare this more disappointing, you identify some drive you take aim very definitely, give lever to also do not have a problem, but the is not your place expectation however direction that target ball goes. Through much exercise, you can build all sorts of you are right differring of angle take aim correctly bit of system, when this kind of angle appears, your cerebra can identify correctly and give out the correct judgement that points a feature. In match bureau, you want to make some drive into, only opportunity, you cannot do not have correct judgement.
Be familiar with through practicing you and learned all sorts of goal point of view, but you or need take lever to hit truly, ability maintains this kind of memory not to ebb, or the reliability that you still can promote it further, of course everything or lean assiduous exercise and serious summary analysis.