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Have library drive strategy
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Drive eating a library is the worse technology in table tennis, mix in 9 balls library drive eats to enter bag of application in 16 balls more, and although take library drive,enter in Snooker bag is not much, but use this kind of method,will see a ball still is commonner and practical. The most commonly used the method with simple and easy understanding: Specular reflection law (namely an angle of refraction is equal to an angle of incidence) the theory that specular reflection and an angle of incidence are equal to an angle of refraction results from the reflex in physics is mensurable, when increasing a place of strategic importance, be very correct, but want when to notice in applying actually:
1 , actual reflex is nodded and do not go up in the library, be in however distance library the position of radius of a ball (graph 1) . Affect in most circumstance not quite, but the library leaves closer in mother ball, and target ball is compared again from the library far when, must notice. If the plan takes aim actually,punctual reflex dot is B is not A. If want,go after in the following method excelsior, need to consider this.

2, this method reachs two libraries above in two libraries from time to tome certain error, should amend with experience commonly (graph 5) .
The reason is, inclined corresponding a place of strategic importance can be taken after eating the first library to incident ball, possible meeting affects the point of view that takes the 2nd library, and the 2nd library reduces such a place of strategic importance to also may increase likely (inspect particular case and decide) . Means of settlement, analyse the way of deviation qualitatively, adjusting with experience next.

3, the strength of catoptric angle and drive also has bigger concern. (see a picture 4)
Reflection angle can be reduced when strength is great, may slant a little when strength is small big.

4, of the drive that increase a place of strategic importance slant horn should need not say, everybody knows.
5, the influence that law of lever of on any account spends to an angle of refraction: The result that the influence that law of lever of on any account spends to an angle of refraction affects unlike a place of strategic importance and speed is so big, the addition of angle perhaps decreases very small, but we understand a few also be helpful.
If pursue, should use pure tall rod (do not take a place of strategic importance) stroke library edge when, an angle of refraction spends meeting appreciably to reduce, reductive measure should look bump into a library yes ball fast. And small staff can increase an angle of refraction to spend.
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