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Table tennis - of all sorts of drive skill forcibly method
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All sorts of drive skill are to pass stroke advocate the different point of the ball and body comes out now, and stroke advocate the point with different ball, its exert oneself to do sth. the method is different, below was a brief specification at 15 o'clock with what say normally, advocate the ball is spherical go up distributinged at 15 o'clock if signal pursues:
One, the ball that decide a dot (14, at 15 o'clock ball)
The ball was located in at 14 o'clock advocate of the ball in the middle of, the ball was located in at 15 o'clock in the middle of slant below a bit, all be the ball that decide a dot, when stroke slip not easily lever. Should mix according to the position of target ball its and advocate the strength that the distance of the ball will come to master drive, size all but. But the way that gives lever to must adopt lash, and want flat and agile, cannot messy.
2, follow-up ball (13, at 12 o'clock ball)
The ball was located in at 13 o'clock advocate slant in the middle of the ball on a bit, slip not easily lever, but if take the kind of lash, often attack the ball that decide a dot or follow-up distance minimum. The ball was located in at 12 o'clock advocate the upside in the middle of the ball, slip easily lever. Bridge when stroke must want to leave tall, give lever to want to keep smooth. Stroke 12, shoulded not be when the ball at 13 o'clock the method that adopts lash, should use the means of push rod, but should notice to avoid to foul (still do not make after giving staff lever head and advocate ball bearing is stuck or exceed a ball with the space that give) .
3, whirly ball (at 6 o'clock ball)
Whirly ball also is called shrink lever ball. Drive place is in advocate in the middle of the ball lower part was in at 6 o'clock, slip very easily lever. Want to handle good pole head before drive, and must want to overwhelm bridging hand lowermost limit, when giving staff must smooth. Need not pass forcibly big, want a foundation only bag of target ball, target and advocate the distance between the ball and desire will advocate the distance with retractile ball masters appropriately can, but give staff must decisive lash. Ought to notice here a bit, when advocate ball and target ball apart too far when its are whirly the effect not beautiful (computer game except) , be located in bag mouth when target ball especially very close, and advocate ball further when, use whirly ball to dismiss advocate ball however often in easy follow-up bag. This what is appropriate to the occasion is used the ball that decide a dot, sidespin ball or " take aim " make a way. Abecedarian thinks whirly ball is hit very hard commonly, dozen of very whirly ball with should master afore-mentioned methods to be met very easy only actually.
4, sidespin ball
Sidespin ball is called again slant lever ball, cent is in (3, at 9 o'clock) , exalted (1, 2, 10, at 11 o'clock) , low (4, 5, 7, at 8 o'clock) a few kinds of case. Their common feature is easy slippery lever, because this is on the foundation that handles good pole head, had mastered proper strength, should not be too big. Target ball should be certain not only when drive, notice to view staff even head and advocate the case of the ball. Be like oversight this or power is too great, often appear slippery lever phenomenon. Can take the kind of lash.
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