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Use the tenor that wears lever
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Be willing to use lever to wear without the person, it is have to only when just use, but everybody must be faced this kind is have to, this kind of circumstance is not scarce even. So we must seek a kind of right way to raise us to use the stability when lever is worn and accuracy. Almost all and top class athlete is willing to use a few smaller staff to wear more, in order to make ball lever more level a few.


Lever wearing must be apart from mother ball sometimes very close, sometimes contrary. Very close when ball lever rear must become warped a few higher, when lever wearing leaves Mu Qiuyuan, think a ball lever carry is straight special difficulty, these two kinds of circumstances can cause adverse effect to the stability of drive. When the ball of positional distance mother that lever wears is too close, if not small conference appears the error of a lot of accidents, when need sends force especially such, because do not do a level to give staff right now, ball lever is plunge into downward from inclined upper part, if attack,forbid a mother book on the ball hit a point, can cause jump lever, plunge into the unexpected effect such as lever. Lever wearing is apart from mother ball too far when, stabilize carry of lever of ground general ball very hard to send lever correctly continuously.

Hand of a few balls is used to also bending over very lowly when use lever is worn, ball lever rear forward nose, this kind of habit can limit the free movement of ball lever more or less, when wanting big ram ball, the ball lever that places after may knock down oneself nose. We suggest to raise chin, such ball lever can return the lower part that removes chin.