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With ball lever get victory
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Inside most match, we often can are faced with concern lose winning crucial ball, in 8 balls or the match that are 9 balls, this crucial ball is 8 minutes of balls and 9 minutes of balls undoubtedly. Though we had gone up 1000 times face this kind of situation, but what we can not do every time is very good. Because be hit into a such ball crucial, the ball is over there won't be move, so we are about to had made sufficient preparation, possible also meeting oneself in get into trouble, we always can think ball of this last lever is different from other spheres, the addition with so automatical also pressure. If we allow this kind of pressure to affect us the feeling to ball of this one lever and our word that gives staff, guess how be met? We can begin to distinguish ball of this one lever and other spheres come, but if this is common one lever ball only, won't have this kind of pressure. So if we cannot face up to ball of this one lever, can have pressure and potential difficulty. We always are mixed be defeated win closely bind together, fear to meet measure the ball with one very light pole, because pressure is caused,be it seems that it seems that, because have very much bright,captious eye is in look at us. This is a very serious versatility problem, we are very familiar also to it. The adjustment of this kind of state of mind needs very long time, also want to pay very big price. But Where is the crucial ball that the processing that the way with effective what can make us correct is fed up with this kind?

A few instructions for dealing with an emergency are below:
1 . Try to have the drive of rhythm. Special rhythm can make of our stroke very beautiful. The drive to having pressure 8 rhythm rein in is very pretty good, but the order that can not change this rhythm. Try ball of look upon key and other sphere want same, condition wants to loosen, not hesitant, do not have what it looks what is special, not additional kind act.

2. Ball fast not too fast, do not increase a place of strategic importance. If once you broke rhythm, the mood of angst is met aggravate. But you still should hit this ball into, the attention does not fall bag. Besides this the most crucial ball, you should command good point of view, ball fast, with a place of strategic importance. This is the reason of extraordinary of this kind of match. But the has commanded thin ball namely point of view that you want to do for crucial to this ball now. Center attention to be on this lever thin ball, needless Gasser, went with moderate strength stroke.

3. Confirm. What what you hope now is to not be in the hand that sees you shake. You are grasping ball lever, lost before fluidity. Do not have too big self-confidence to ball of this one lever, good, let us confirm to ball of this one lever now. The distance that wears lever wants recently, leather head also wants as far as possible be close to mother ball, so that can look clearly clear to want the seat of stroke, next you can be at ease bold stroke.

4. Remove one condition. If you are not very affirmatory to ball of this one lever, there also is suspicion in brains. This is not self-confident, the feeling tells you you to the likelihood wants error, so stop, remove one condition. Surround ball desk a week, wipe your ball lever, deep breathing. Without giving thought to how, just a minute, the feeling that lets this kind of insecurity pours out of your cerebra. Center attention to be able to be improved somewhat again.
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