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Theory active with inactive, theory aggression and defend

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Active with inactive not be simple from attack prevent come up divisional. Although can divide the athlete into aggression model with defend model, but among them success or failure must be lost cannot so simple exposition and argumentation. Without which aggression has absolutely assurance, because do not have,also cannot be completely hold and blindly the ground is inactive defend. What tell here defend, also should be active actually defend. That is to say plays this ball in bully area or the corner that have pompon keep out to hide, cause Sinuoke, it is the menace to the other side, make oneself notch thereby, open a phase, strive for hair attack chance. In case the red ball that oneself hit fell bag, pompon can be attacked, oneself are not passive.
In score quite lead already case falls, your target divides value ball high to hit ﹙ to strive for single pole to distribute a record high round black, pink no longer outer ﹚, might as well the strategy is transferred, will red ball hits pocket to give priority to in succession, multi-purpose a few low pompon that assign a value transfer also is feasible path. Although this has certain inactive component, it is desirable however. The cent value of offer of Thailand player watt in ball of backward, mesa already planished not quite, more exceed and send success case to fall, defend actively still, almost Si Nuo overcomes lever lever make it, make the other side is connected eventually punish two lever and make the situation changes, final win instead of lose. If he attacks ﹙ goal ﹚ blindly, forfeited instead one mechanism, aggression also does not calculate going up is active.
This specification defends also should have active consciousness, that is cannot popularly defends, however 1. This ball should pull target ball ﹙ group ﹚ leaves further serve the area comes; 2. Let this ball stick a library, it is to stand by a library at least; 3; This ball hides not to rise be about to turn target ball in the corner that can hide or hide after the pompon that the other side cannot attack, cause Sinuoke; 4. The position that makes this ball and target ball located very bag of not easy down.
If afore-mentioned when to accomplish, do not become its had better defend, the other side takes advantage, take fraction continuously. The sort of defending is inactive. Attack defend the strategy how because of the person different?
Adopt attack or adopt prevent, see the other side greatly particular case and decide. The other side is handling obstacle ball respect or side of ball of the edge that attack a library is weak sports, can take more appropriately defend style, appropriate moves this ball, in weak sports of defect the other side. Conversely, if the other side is not good at defending, the aggression opportunity that leave is some more, can take offensive as far as possible. This also is in on you definitely attack and defence between both whether do a job with skill and ease, quick action. In this respect, the condition change in international contest can realize an a few truths most. Because of different person separate a side: It is the ability battle kind that sees the other side; 2 it is the strong point that sees oneself and weak sports, tell foregone the other, 100 battle do not danger. Defend what is tactical point?
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