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Note downy effect - The Nap

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The stage that each Si Nuo overcomes ball stage the surface has many nap, we can't well notice these nap at ordinary times. Si Nuo overcomes tablecloth is to need those who iron to often iron, what everybody notices wanting to submit to all the more here is, stage iron very hot cannot iron at random, should very even from bully area that one aspect of the matter to tall partition that one aspect of the matter moves electric iron, make nap tilts to tall partition and fit perfectly, this is the suitable wool way that we say, turn over direction to be the direction that go against wool. This are very important, such ironing very hot make nap right the influence of mother ball and target becomes have the law but abide, we can discover and use this law, in fact, professional ball hand is right downy influence takes seriously very much, be such more when soft ram ball especially.
Downy effect is in ball fast slower when show is more apparent, must attack in you give slow when fast ball, downy effect becomes the main factor that you must consider. Stage thickness and downy effect concern are very big, effect of profound wool of stage woolen cloth is more a few more apparent, the station that we use in club place usually be large stage commonly, because of large stage more durable, defect is to take a line very apparent, also call change line. The effect of thin and faster wool of contest woolen cloth that uses when the match is about small much, the case that takes a line decreases greatly.
Everybody may not notice in the mother the ball contacts effect of nap of target ball around to be met produce an effect, of course what what we say is light ram ball. We basically consider the downy effect of target ball when ball of mother of target ball distance is very close, mother ball is apart from a target we must consider the meeting below the mother ball influence in downy effect to produce how many deflection first when the ball is very far, the photograph when it is hitting target ball is how old to bumping bit of meeting establishedly to have deviation, when aim at need undertakes more or less be correctioned, this yes long-range soft force ball becomes complication, besides has considerable space in mouth of bag of target ball distance when, the downy effect that target ball runs also must bring into the category that we consider, anyhow, downy effect is a head making a person the showing that ache
Those who cite a the commonnest and downy effect example, mother ball nods around small force to hit pink ball in black ball to in bag, be in with piece the stage with downy apparent effect on, pink ball takes a line apparently, by the side of deflection stage. Want to make this biff successful, we must take aim to in the remote corner of bag even more outside leaning, such our meetings see target ball takes the bag in the line changing adagio to boil finally in road afore amazedly. On the ball stage with the downy greatly abate effect that uses in place of match of a piece of profession, our correction was not necessary so big, need only slight amend.
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