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Choose a ball lever that takes the advantage of a hand to play a ball game
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As the swift and violent development that table tennis motion is in our country, the technical level of table tennis lover already had very big rise, having is: “ is versed in desire be apt to its thing, surely first benefit its implement ” , to table tennis character especially such, the individual ball lever that has a without difficulty is undoubted to ball ability rise have very great help.
More and more friends also realized this, but, because everybody is right the intellectual understanding of ball lever is not much, and there is product of many sham famous brand again on market, accordingly, everybody encountered very great difficulty when lever of ball of choose and buy.
So how to choose gratified flexibly ball lever?
One, the length of ball lever and weight:
The ball pole that market sells now, grow about 1.45 meters commonly (57 inches) , make an appointment with 18 ounce again (510 grams) , the person that choose lever should choose somewhat according to oneself condition. The figure is short person should choose shorter ball lever, the player with good brawn can choose heavier ball lever.
Couplet of world profession stage (WPBSA) the ball lever that recommends abecedarian to use 17 ounce.
2, the woodiness of ball lever:
When the lever of famous brand ball of this age bound, use wood of black wingceltis of wood of North America poplar, maple, Africa to be made mostly, characteristic of these a few kinds of lumber is: Density is high, stretch good, Muwen is clear, be out of shape not easily. And a few average ball pole to reduce cost, can choose a few quality only not the miscellaneous wood of beautiful, because woodiness is light, maker can add bar in the rear of ball lever, the result can make ball lever overbalance, reduced ball lever quality greatly. And, these ball staff appear more easily also rupture reach be out of shape phenomenon.
If you want to choose in the lever of a few balls that is the same as class, usable hand points to flick lever body, the sound that the ball lever with high density gives out is strong, ringing, the sound that the ball staff with small density gives out is empty, muddy.
Additional, the rear of ball lever still can handhold single-handed when the choose and buy, one handle gently takes lever body, the feeling that the ball pole with good woodiness delivers you is bounce even and strong, and abiding.
In addition, after ball lever the brand wants to ball lever arrowhead! Grain of ball lever wood wants as far as possible concise, extend, cannot resemble scale euqally close! Arrowhead wants a tip, mu Wen is towards the direction of lever head!
Turn over arrowhead to be in lever the opposite of arrowhead, there had better not be the lever of grain between pitch on.
3, the handiwork of ball lever:
The handiwork of ball lever is the important sign that weighs ball lever stand or fall. Butt joint of body of band of copper of head of particularly advertent lever and department of lever body union, lever wants to be in when the choose and buy (copper is buckled) (1/2, 3/4) whether compact, level off. 4 land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another accident agree whether basically, special remind: Those who have some of inferior ball lever is land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another the picture goes up, ask the attention when buying.
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