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The Ferrule first horn
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First horn (The Ferrule) it is the cut before using protection (Shaft) foremost end namely before the part with the finest cut, and another function makes leather head OK namely sticky after going up, achieve the goal that strikes a ball. In American traditional pattern first horny facial expression is white is mixed ivory two kinds, and compare popular black in Canada first horn, additionally Si Nuo overcomes England in pool domain (Snooker) friend of a lot of balls loves to use a kind to be able to be used rotate screw means changes different skin head (Tip) or first horn (Ferrule) material is qualitative, in order to achieve different character or the goal that can change in time. General first horny length is made an appointment with from ~ of 0.5 flower 吋 1.25 flower 吋 , and of lever of beautiful type pool first horn should compare Sinuoke pool staff is a few seniorer.
First horny material is qualitative:
First the sort with horny qualitative material includes:
Tree of ivory, antler, synthetic fibre, synthesis points to, aggrandizement is plastic, 3 get together cyanogen amine. Be based on the reason of cost effectiveness, synthetic fibre or tree show equal in value standard is low first horn, it is to be used in the quantity to produce ball lever to go up for the most part. As to other cost taller first horn is like ivory, it is to often be used to on the manual ball lever that holds high in unit price for the guest is appointed or be being used. Ivory first horn is numerous plant a kind when artful gram can touch least of all in horn first, but also be the easiest chap is broken even first horn. Because the water content inside ivory is quite high,what must notice additionally is, reason can have heat to go up cold the change that shrink (in ivory annulus also be the same as) . Some make mount of lever works chamber of commerce one black fiber pledges small cushion is in leather head and ivory first between horn, so as to protects ivory first horn. The person that also have job of very much manual staff insists to use ivory to make standard of its ball lever first horn.
First horny form:

first horny design, have a lid only cap and the cap that do not have a lid first horn two kinds. The standard installs a method simply again, namely will first after horn drills a hole first again before the topmost make it with the finest cut shape of a vertebra, in first horn covers wood of the cut before go up and be being lost sight of weigh cap having a lid model, cover a cap to not have namely conversely model. The person that make lever trade for the most part thinks direct a leather head is sticky in without the lid model first on horn, as a result of the skin head and before cut wood contacts reason to be able to increase blow force and handle directly. As to have a lid model first its actor defect is in horn all the time industry has a controversy, wood of ministry of vertebra of top of the cut before the person that have some of job thinks (first the wood of horny interior) can make vertebra ministry wood expands because of the change of climate temperature, humidity or the force drive between wood of ministry of vertebra of atrophic and possible effect and leather head. And be fond of uses ivory first horny course of study person think to have a lid model first horn can prevent ivory first horny chap and broken.
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