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Ying Shiqiu desk
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The dimension of desk of flower type ball is normally 6 go to 7 feet, the dimension of tounament standard is 7 feet. All ball desks are flag desk, the ply of board bed goes to 1.5 inches for 0.75 inches. The desk of a few small pool that a few bar of 60 time and club introduce traceable of desk of flower type ball to attract a customer. Desk of pool of this kind of bar is rapid and popular rise, finally is to form match of his distinctive a kind of sports more, professional player also was joined among them. Though do not have Sinuoke tounament is giant, but be in all the time however grow. It also gets at the same time of female player love, had not you heard of Alison Fisher? But she is in Atlantic is coastal a special and well-known player.
Be in England the globallest competition is the 8 ball game that by ball of a mother and 15 targets the ball constitutes. This includes among them: Pompon- - it is by 7 red ball and 7 Huang Qiu are comprised. 8 balls- - it is word of know exactly about sth of a mark the black ball of 8.