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Culminating ball lever
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The making process of lever of a culminating ball is such:
In Canadian choice land cultivates maple, wait for maple to grow the left and right sides, the most high grade lumber that rod of the ball that make becomes when having arm quality of work about. The maple below cut down should shuck first bark, put in left and right sides of 3 months in the store with ventilated shady and cool, the water share that lets lumber evaporates adequately, the surface won't weather-shack. Take next whole dig goes to on lathe, in the surface even ground besmears a varnish, put a month; Again dig goes to, again the varnish on besmear, relapse so, the purpose is to let oil soak lumber, use later so how long ball lever won't weather-shack and be out of shape. Make the cream of a maple, remain the part of that bit of center that will be used at making ball rod finally namely. It is a lever of ball of lumber make it next, whole process is all on the accurate machine tool that Switzerland manufactures finish with handiwork, meticulous; Leather head, receive annulus, medium annulus, rear wheel, grasp etc is to choose the most high grade material, excelsior. Decorate craft criterion finally because of the person different, some is simple and unadorned, some enchases the decorations such as ivory in the rear, extremely use up costly.

The Great Master whole world that can make such ball rod also does not pass a few people, because its price also does not poor necessarily, going up normally 1000 dollars above. Although ball lever is good, but how many person is used again rise? Be afraid in professional player not much also, they are to lie in the home of emir noble quietly mostly. Take good staff and do not mean can hit good shot, an average ball pole arrived henry must be met in benefit hand your adversary be terrified. This resembles again good violin, also need executant to gift its life; Although treasure knife is good, and hooligan commits murder or with him that defeats a sword same.