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Ball staff is weak the concern that follows a deflection forcedly
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When " of deflection of alleged " instant should give mother ball to one is hit energetically and play strong a place of strategic importance namely, mother ball is not run along the collateral line direction with ball lever, and because the meeting issues the relation of a place of strategic importance to produce deflection, next right stuff slant left, slant conversely right!

When the ball ability of abecedarian progress arrives when certain level, can begin ball of a place of strategic importance below practice, and the existence as a result of deflection phenomenon, make ascensive range big decrease! This is " of " instant deflection in cause trouble! Amend the job with aim at a dot to be become the mainest right now.

Because this sees the factor of " of deflection of influence " instant in light of us. Above all, affect this phenomenon the biggest is ball lever, especially the section before " (the part of Shaft)" , its woodiness itself heals hard, generation deflection heals big, conversely small. It is intensity playing a place of strategic importance next (the degree that makes mother ball rotates) the size with the force and mother ball and child the distance between the ball (the distance above) that exceeds half ball station especially. If use softer air (the section before pointing to) ball lever blow, next a place of strategic importance reach force giving staff a few lesser lighter, mother ball and child the ball is closer the phenomenon of a " of deflection of this " instant not apparent!

After understanding afore-mentioned theory, ball friend should know the character that knows ball lever is very important! The ball friend that has bit of rate so meets him to prepare ball lever normally, the course suits period hind can hold accuse freely! But additionally the element also was 3 o'clock cannot of oversight, because there is the volume that any instruments can measure " of " instant deflection on market! The degree of the exercise becomes the gist that has hit ball playing a place of strategic importance! alleged "

The master introduces the door, repair to be in individual " ! When practicing additionally, can lever of all sorts of different and characteristic ball hit much try out, you meet those who discover every ball lever aim at bit of neither to be the same as, also let you have to the ball lever of different mill plate right now further understanding, find out the pole that suits you most from which!

Ball lever belongs to firm tone more, produce " of bigger " instant deflection not to state lever of this kind of ball is bad, after true ace is familiar with function of its ball lever, often be to use afore-mentioned character to hit the metabolic position of short of of weak staff place to make a ball with benefit more.