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Repair the individual view of lever with how about ball lever stand or fall
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The stand or fall of ball lever does not depend on its price, and the hair force that depends on suiting oneself, some lever force slants hard, some lever force slants soft, the individual sends force to differ, the sense that makes is different also! Maple lever and the lever of grain having an arrow, they are both the force between, be difference more is too much!
Lever of a ball does not suit to often be swabbed with wet cloth, because absorbed water,the portion can make the force hair of ball lever good. I suggest nurturance often brushs ball lever with dry cloth, such ball lever won't soil!
(compensatory: 1. Notice the ball lever of He Di of one make known to lower levels, you can detect his lever is the ball pole that can find in rooms of any a ball absolutely! 2 after the head that change a skin, with head of skin of sand paper burnish, the attention does not grind copper to cover on, because time grew, can make copper is covered attenuate, affect the quality of ball lever finally! 3, the MASTER of Thailand, lever force slants hard, the feeling sends force to go continuously continuously, force of JOHN PARRIS hair is even, cultivate one's moral character is good, laoceng's LK. T, besides good-looking, without the advantage, cultivate one's moral character is wrong, without strength! Lever box of Laoceng is possible still nevertheless, home probably his lever box, be best!