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Use dimension of head of ball lever skin and maintain

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Of the contact that an athlete drive basically relies on leather head and ball check a very short time that, ability makes the ball produces all sorts of hanging to turn and hit the ball go out, the option of such leather heads is very important. Leave of course human relations compare with the head of ball lever skin that hits 9 balls big, the lever head that makes Si Nuo and Billie commonly is a few smaller, head of general like the ball pole that hits Si Nuo skin is compared in 9-11 millimeter reasonable. Also somebody uses 8 millimeter dotty leather head, but most also do not exceed 11 millimeter, some ball hands hope to use small leather head, nod with 8 many for instance, ball of such leather head contact is nodded heavier, play a ball game be about to take care a few, be about to appear otherwise slippery lever. The ball lever of general Sinuoke is in 9 millimeter - it is the most reasonable between 10 millimeter. Open 9 balls of course or human relations head of ball lever skin is bigger, because the ball of their place stroke is bigger also, swing is bigger also, the area skin head that receives place ball also comparatives expand, lowest not less than 11 millimeter. The biggest also be in 13-14 millimeter, the leather head that the ball pole that the ball pole that hits 9 balls so wants to compare Sinuoke uses is a few bigger.
Choose and repair leather head
The stand or fall of head of a skin can see when play a ball game, the firm hardness of leather head is reasonable, of course no matter leather head has many hard it is bouncy, the hardness that should choose a good leather head to see it above all is enough. Hit because of too soft skin head special soft, what strength sends is bad, the pressure that chooses leather head to want to see leather head so is enough, hard, if not hard skin head may be before head sticking a skin,put leather head on bit to heat even, make leather constrictive, make leather head is added a little a bit harder, this picks leather head namely.

Repair leather head, repair leather head to each respective different key looks to already chose to mix usually oneself commonly rationality, some people like to repair leather head into steamed bread type, what introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad also person repairs it is very smooth, return somebody to repair it into umbrella type additionally, a few repaired good skins first, it is important to close continuously to drive. But still need from already like rate. Repaired good skin head no matter which kinds (of steamed bread type, of smooth style, still be umbrella type. ) how cannot have above leather head without giving thought to any fur appears, if these fur appear,be about to use the fur pare off that does not need on the side of firebrand. Originally leather head is very thick, but after be being repaired, should go to it thin, go enjoying some two kinds, one kind is to use little bit first the leather ream it, come with sandpaper even additionally the fine head that make a skin, see what leather head hits those who be less than Mao Bian is smooth, make noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch, such leather head is more reasonable.
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