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Desk of beautiful type ball

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What American pool points to is pool of type of beautiful national flower, those who use is a standard 9 feet ball desk, though great majority has 8 feet only it seems that. Compared with British billiards, their bag and ball more big. The diameter of American pool is 2.25 feet, this also also wants with respect to the head that means ball staff more big, it is 13 millimeter commonly. This kind of auspicious ball lever also asks better technology.
The tablecloth of American pool desk, the tablecloth of the ball desk of a few English billiards contains small fine fur, the ball desk that unlike England Si Nuo overcomes is do not contain these fine fur (the in perfect order vertical stroke with this kind of slight fine fur is in the surface of tablecloth, more flowing or it is to say to contain grain) this also means a ball to won't break away from ball desk, si Nuo overcomes unlike, if ball fast slower word, ball 9 meetings slowly deflection, this is about to rely on the direction of grain.

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